How My Family Still Adventures Outside During An Outbreak

I see things differently when I'm looking through the perspective of a Coronavirus lens nowadays. I understand that it's "not that bad" for most people and those who get it usually recover. BUT if you get it and not know you have it for a while, I would hate to unknowingly pass it on to a sweet old lady at the grocery store for whom it could be deadly for. And who knows what the after effects of it even are since this is a "novel" virus that nobody really knows what it's capable of doing. Also, nobody really knows where it is, who has it or how long it's even been circulating in our city.

For those of you familiar with who we are and what we do, know that we're ALWAYS out adventuring with our kids to new and old places around town. We're learning how to adapt and live with the current situation of a nasty viral outbreak in our city, but still trying to maintain our normal activities of being out and about. So, for as much as we love to Adventure out with the kids, we've changed our habits a little bit to hopefully help us avoid the Noid! Here's what we do....


If we're going to a place with generally a lot of people like a museum, restaurant, library or grocery store, we try to time our visits during the "low peak" times. That means for some places it's right after they open for an hour or an hour before they close.

For other places like popular playgrounds, libraries, children's museums, etc. I've found the best time to go is during most kids' afternoon nap times. Since my kids don't nap anymore, we can go out during the general 1-3pm nap time.