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About Us

As a stay at home mom of 2 toddler boys, we HAVE to get out of the house almost everyday. If we don't, we all go crazy and then someone ends up with an ice pack. Sometimes that's me.


I started compiling a list of our favorite places, what's open

and when. This list started getting pretty long so I thought

it'd be great to share it with everyone.

I'm from the Northwest and I occasionally miss the rain. 

In my former life I have a Master's in Psychology and was a disability social worker. Now I work on-call 24/7 for these

2 boss boys and I couldn't be any happier. I do wish that

reverse psychology would work on them sometimes,

but it never does...

My other passion is real estate investing and I work

part-time to manage our rental properties. I'm always

looking for the next fixer to fix up. I dream of having

my own HGTV show one day...hey, a girl can dream! ;-)

I've been enjoying life in sunny San Diego for over 12 years with my amazing husband of 11 years. How we met is a crazy story!

Mexico. Tequila. Dancing. And here we are...

12 years and 2 boys later!

I hope you enjoy following along on our FamDiego adventures and find our tips helpful for yours!

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