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Universal Studios Season Pass Deal! in San Diego (Feb 2022)


If you live in SoCal, this is a great deal to add to your collection of annual season passes. And yes, I know you have a collection. ;) Stop at Costco to get this season pass deal that just came out on 2/9/22.

DEAL: $149.99 will get you one season pass to Universal Studios Hollywood.

DATES: You'll have up to 210 days of fun to use your season pass. You can start it on any day for your first visit, but there are blockout dates and reservations are required for return visits. See the second photo above for the fine print.

LOCATIONS: Most Costco's in San Diego just came out with this deal (as of 2/9/22). This particular photo was sent to me from a @famdiego follower from her local Costco; in Santee I think.

AGES: This info isn't listed. Check website or in-store promo for details.

PARKING: I don't think this one includes parking; see in-store promo for details.

RSVP: Reservations must be made for return visit.

SAFETY: I was informed that proof of Covid vaccine or negative Covid test are required for entry. There is an on-site Covid testing station. I don't know anything else about this. Please see in-store promo or Universal Studios Hollywood website for details.

FINE PRINT: Check the back of this deal in store for all of the fine print. I'm only sharing the basic info. ;)

OTHER COSTCO DEALS: Costco currently has a really good LEGOLAND California two-day park hopper pass, valid until June 10, 2022. See details here.


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