Kids Mountain Biking Class in San Diego

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Whether your kids are biking dynamos, or they just think they are, every bike-loving kid can use some fundamentals.


We saw a flyer for Sprockids at our local bike shop when we were getting repairs done and thought how perfect are these classes right now?! They're outside and naturally socially-distanced, so we signed him up immediately for their next after school program. (Little bro wasn't old enough yet; 7 was the minimum age for the after-school class that we signed up for.)


They have month-long after school classes, one and two-day class sessions and family rides too. Class sizes are small, maybe no more than 8 kids, and there were two teachers at our session so the teachers were able to give a lot of attention to each rider.

In their month-long class, my kids learned a lot of biking techniques and skills with practice sessions on a soft sloping grassy hill at first. They set up mock-ramps, bumps and big sticks to practice riding over. They learned when to sit and when to stand up and how to power up hills and be safe going down.

After two weeks of this it was time for the trails. They practiced their new skills on trail rides over the next two weeks with their teachers helping them. Parents were welcomed to join in on these trail rides with their own bikes too.