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Torrey Pines Gliderport with the Kids

Gliding into the weekend like these guys at the Torrey Pines Gliderport! Happy Friday everyone! You’ll find this on my list of Top 5 Favorite Local Places In Carmel Valley. I was asked to write a guest post for the San Diego Lifestyle Blog @thesdlifestyle. The views alone high atop the cliffs of Torrey Pines are worth coming here for! Oh, and it’s also FREE, unless you sign up to fly. Otherwise, you can just hang out and watch the adrenalin junkies jump off the cliffs and soar into the winds. You'll see mostly paragliders here and occasionally hang-gliders. We actually saw a man training a hawk one time when we went, so I guess you never know what else you might see there.

Depending on the season you could see some dolphins or migrating whales (Dec-Apr) out in the ocean so bring your binocs. Also, be sure to wear tennis shoes and bring the baby carrier in case you want to go exploring while you’re waiting for the next glider to jump off the cliff. There can be about a 20 minute wait before you'll see someone jumping. It takes time to set up their gear, but that can be entertaining too.


1. There are some hiking trails just to the left of the building that will lead you down to an overlook; which does have warning signs something about "unstable cliffs, stay back". So be careful.

2. If you hike a little further south, you'll find another trail and some stairs that lead down to the beach; which is very steep.

3. Or, there is a flatter, shorter hike next to the parking lot that goes up on the canyon rim and gives you some insane views of the La Jolla Coast.

4. You may want to keep the kiddos away from the trails over on the right; which lead down to you-know-what Black’s Beach...a known nudist beach if you're not familiar, not that I'm personally familiar with it...okay, moving on! FOOD:

Bring a picnic lunch or buy from the Cliffhanger Café (open daily 9-4). They serve up some pretty good (huge!) gourmet sandwiches. One was enough for my 2 boys and I to share. They also serve salads, soups, drinks, ice cream, etc. There are lots of picnic tables around, some have shade. Local bands will play there on Summer weekends May-Sept. PARKING/BATHROOMS:

There’s lots of parking in the dirt/rock parking area and there are port-a-potties for bathrooms. HOW TO GET THERE:

Follow Torrey Pines Scenic Dr. all the way towards the ocean and then you’ll see the dirt parking lot entrance.


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