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Sharing The Joy: Gift Donations to Our Local Military Families

🌟 You guys are MAGIC! 🌟 You’ve been filling up my car with your love ❤️ and kindness 💚 and generosity 💛 these last few years as we’ve been donating to Sharing The Joy to support local military families through the STEP SoCal (Supporting The Enlisted Project) during the holidays. 🎁 👏 Send me an email or a DM on Instagram @famdiego if you want to be part of somebody else’s Christmas magic again this year. ☺️ Gift are due back to the @stepsocal office by Dec. 9th, 2020 at the latest. 🌟 🎁 🌟

You can also coordinate your own family donations amongst your own extended families, co-workers, church groups, play date groups, schools or quarantine pods, etc. Contact @stepsocal directly when you put your group together. The best part is that you don’t even have to be in San Diego to help out. 💚


STEP SoCal supports enlisted and recently discharged local military families all year long to help them become financially stable. During the holidays they collect gifts for these families. ❤️

Once I have a list of @famdiego friends who want to help out, I reach out to their office and tell them how many families we can donate to. They’ll send me wish lists from each individual family members and I’ll randomly distribute them to you. You won’t be buying for an entire family, you’ll just be buying for ONE individual family member. You could receive a list for a mom, a dad, a teenager, a 6 mo old or even a grandparent living with them. 💚

You can buy one item, two items or all of the items on their list…it’s up to you! They suggest a minimum of $50 per person, but it’s totally up to whatever you can contribute. Gift cards are welcome if you can’t find what’s on their list, or in addition to what’s on their list. ❤️

This year you can buy from their Amazon wishlist and have it sent directly to the STEP office OR you can #ShopSmall #ShopLocal and drop them off in person at the STEP office in Scripps Ranch. 💚

Ask if you have any questions and I hope you can join us this year. ❤️


I can't be everywhere all the time so your input is greatly appreciated. If you have any updates to this place or post please send me a message or a DM here.

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