SeaWorld's FREE Preschool & Teacher Resident Passes (Jan 2022)

💥 SeaWorld's FREE PRESCHOOL PASSES are released TODAY! 💥 These will run out probably today so get them ASAP before they're gone!!! After the free ones are gone, there's a limited amount of $20 ones that you can buy...still a great deal!

SeaWorld Free Preschool & Teacher Pass Direct link is HERE.


The coveted SeaWorld Preschool (& Teacher) Pass is one of the biggest mysteries of San Diego. Everyone at SeaWorld keeps mum, or they're not told, until the day these are released. They've told me they're not guaranteed every year (although they've released these every year for at least the past 7 years) and "they come out when they come out". Which is usually on or around January 1st of each year. They've been known to come out a few days before Jan. 1, or even a few weeks after Jan. 1. The only way to know is to diligently keep checking their website! Read on for all you need to know about them.

When the free ones are gone, you'll have to pay $20...still a great deal! Both the free ones and $20 ones are limited so you'll want to act on these ASAP.


▪️ Online only, see link above

▪️ Online: click "Buy tickets", look just below the "Fun Cards". You'll see a circled blue star for deals like "military", etc. and you'll see "Preschool Fun Card" & "Teacher Fun Card".

(If you don't see a blue star for "Preschool Fun Card" or "Teacher Fun Card" then the promo is over and they're no longer available.)


▪️ The “Preschool Fun Card” is an annual pass to SeaWorld San Diego for kids ages 3-5 ONLY, who reside in San Diego and Orange Counties. Age & residence will be verified upon first entry. It expires Dec. 31 of that year.

▪️ The "Teacher Fun Card" is an annual pass to SeaWorld San Diego for Teachers residing in California AND Arizona. You'll need to log-in with your teacher credentials. It expires Dec. 31 of that year.


▪️ They do NOT have to be in preschool & there is no affiliation with any preschool to get these. It’s a very misleading name.🤷🏼‍♀️ It only has to do with kids' ages.


▪️ Your child is eligible as long as they turn 3 or are still 5 by the time you ACTIVATE them.

If your child turns 6 before the "activation date", then you should still get the FREE Preschool Fun Card ASAP and activate it before their birthday, or it will be void.

If your child turns 6 after the "activation date", you should still get the because they will not be revoked during the year when your child does turn 6. They will still be able to use their pass through the end of that year.

If your child is 2, but turns 3 before the "activation date", then you should still get the FREE Preschool Fun Card ASAP and wait until they turn 3 to activate it, but do it before the "activation date".

▪️ Kids 2 & under are FREE everyday


▪️ This year's activation date is: March 31, 2022! (This date seems to vary each year.)

▪️ You MUST use them (activate them) by this date or they will be void!!!


▪️ Preschool Fun Cards are only for residents of San Diego & Orange Counties

▪️ Teacher Fun Cards are only for resident of California and Arizona


▪️ You’ll have to enter child’s name AND birthdate when you get these online. Age will be verified at your 1st entrance.


▪️ Show the email confirmation bar code on your phone at entry & add that to your phone’s “wallet”. You'll need to show a Birth Certificate (copy is fine) or a passport for your 1st visit.

▪️ You can get a physical card if you ask. My kids love having their own to scan at the entrances.


▪️ Blockout dates: May 30; July 2-4, 9, 16, 23, 30. Expires Dec. 31, 2022.

▪️ NOT included: SkyTram and SkyTower! 🤷🏼‍♀️ These are $5 each to ride. Bummer!! 😩


▪️ Adults can only add 2 FREE Preschool Passes & 2 $20 Preschool Passes to 1 cart. Workaround for more than 2 Preschool aged kids.....use a separate adult's login (spouse, etc.) & get the 2 Free Preschool Passes with their account.

▪️ Preschool Passes are only valid with an adult ticket/pass. I have the Silver Annual Pass because it includes parking.

▪️ They only offer this deal once a year so don’t wait...get it NOW before it's gone!

QUESTIONS??? Drop them below.👇