Here's Your Sneak Peek of The New Splash Pad at the San Diego Zoo

New Splash Pad at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers Basecamp Opening (the new Children's Zoo)

There’s a new splash pad in town! 🤸🏻‍♂️ 💦 It opens March 11, 2022 INSIDE the new Basecamp at the San Diego Zoo! @sandiegozoo 🙌 (see slideshow at the bottom)

That’s right…a splash pad INSIDE the Zoo! So COME PREPARED with a change of clothes, towel, socks & shoes. 👚 🩳 🎒

💦 There are 4 splash “zones” with spraying water fountains and a waterfall. 😲

👧🏻 Toddlers 2- will enjoy the “quieter” ends of the “stream” where they can sit and play in the stream without water splashing ON them. (See below.)

🔥 There are 2 large heated people dryers (see below) for $3 each, cards only. These don’t get you very dry so skip them and bring a change of clothes instead OR dry off in the San Diego SUN! ☀️

🩱 If you’re going there FIRST, wear swim clothes into the zoo!

🩱 If you’re going there LAST, bring them with you and change in the bathrooms nearby. (Saving this for last might be better because then the kids will have to leave when the zoo closes.) 😉 😅