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All Aboard! Train Rides Through The Campo Countryside near San Diego

Train ride with kids through Campo on the Pacific Southwest Railway Golden State Train near San Diego

We went All Aboard for Mother's Day this year on the Pacific Southwest Railway Train.

Ride the Pacific Southwest Railway Train in Campo

It's a 45 min out & back train ride through the Campo countryside. You'll end at the PSRM Museum which is really cool! 🚂

TIP: Time it for the Sunset Train Ride for the perfect golden hour views. 🌅

750 Depot St., Campo

619-478-9937 (wkds only)




Sat & Sun only. There are 3-4 ride times each day, usually between 10:30am-3pm.



$18 ages 13+

$15 ages 65+

$9 ages 3-12

Free for ages 0-2

$40 splurge for ages 6+ to ride in the Locomotive Cab!



Some snacks & basic sandwiches to buy if you're in a pinch! Otherwise BYO snacks & cooler to leave in your car for before or after your train ride.

(I'm not sure what their food policy is on board; I didn't see anyone with food or drinks on board.)



Open seating inside the train cars, sit where you like.



It's mostly a closed train, a couple windows were 1/4 way open and the front & back entrances were all open. So there was a lot of air flow through the seated train car.



You can get up and walk around, head outside on the back caboose and hang out with the nice conductor or cross over to the next car which is standing only. This standing only car has 4 large open half doors on top w/ railings on the bottom (see stories for videos).



Not currently required to ride, but obv you can choose to if you wish. (Most were not, but we did while inside, then we walked to the standing room car for most of our ride). ;)



Pay extra to sit in the locomotive with the engineer and blow the horn!! This is for 2 people only (1 adult + 1 kid age 6+). If another child/parent wants to switch out, you can swap places at the 1/2 way point. We did!

Not available on all train rides, check when booking your tickets.

Note that our engineer clearly wasn't a fan of my child mask-wearing due to some nonchalant comments, but it didn't detract from our experience to ride up front. It's all open-air and very breezy in there.



Apr: Easter Bunny Trains

Oct: Halloween Trains

Dec: Christmas Trains

These are so cute & book up fast. Watch for their ticket release dates!



This is 10 min away. Super small & chill. Family-owned. Kid-friendly!! Awesome cats to play with. Bocce ball. $15/tasting keep the glass, $30/charcuterie tray. Go!




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