Crash Boom Bam at Monster Jam! (Jan 2022)

Monster Jam Trucks Petco Park San Diego Parent Tips for Kids

Crash, Boom, Bam at Monster Jam! Needless to say that ALL of my boys were mesmerized. 💥 (Click link here to watch Instagram reel video.) 💥 @petcopark @petcoparkevents @monsterjam #monsterjam


If you've never taken kids to Monster Jam, there are definitely some things you'll want to know before you headphones for kids are a must, save mega money and pre-pay for your parking space, skip the pit party, eat before you go and grab your treats before you take your seats. Read on for more tips to have a fun Monster Jam experience at Petco Park.

Oh, and if you don't want to shell out the cash for the tickets, there are some secret ways to see the Monster Jam trucks for FREE!


Tickets range from around $28-$150. Petco Park seats all have amazing views, even the cheap tickets from the 2nd or 3rd level towards the ends, so don't hesitate to buy these. You can see these views from my Instagram reel linked above.

Buy tickets in-person to save on service fees at the Padres Park box office or online

Monster Jam website


$45 everywhere nearby, cash or card 😵

We should’ve taken the trolley! 🚋

Adding your cheaper parking tips here:

Hilton Bayside parking garage $35, walk over the bridge

Pre-pay Ace parking 6th + K St., usually $15


Eat BEFORE you go. It’s cheaper and no lines. We found a subway 1 block from the back entrance off K St.

Can’t bring food or drinks inside, except for 1 factory sealed water bottle per person. Leave your thermos’ in the car.

I did splurge on a @cutwaterspirits Piña Colada ($18 🤯) but of course it was amazing 😋 and it lasted me the entire show. 👍😅

Cravory Cookies have a stand inside that was perfect for the kiddos! @thecravory 🍪

Lane Field Lemonade stand has other snacks 🍿 🥨 🍋 and you’ll find beer and other food by walking around. 🍺 🌭


I opted for the nosebleed seats on the 2nd level (still great views!!!) towards the end, far end row, under a wheelchair row and we basically had this entire section all to ourselves. 🙌


These are a must for kids! I actually wished I had my own. Bought ours from Amazon about $15 ea (reuse them for air shows, etc.!) or rent them $30 ea.

We have this one and this one, both have lots of cute colors and styles. These fit babies ages 0-2.

(These are Amazon affiliate links where I earn a very small percentage of each item purchased with this link. It's roughly about $0.30 or something, but it's all appreciated and helps me keep paying for this website so thank you in advance.)


We paid $20 extra but nobody checked our tickets. We just walked in. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Long lines to meet the drivers, but you can see trucks and take pics without waiting in line. They had $20 wood-build-your-own truck activities and another kids ride-on truck area. Cool to see but okay to skip, imo.


If you don’t have tickets but still want to see the trucks….

BEFORE THE SHOW: Hang around on Tony Gwynn Dr. + L St. about 15 min before showtime and you’ll see them all lined up and can watch them drive into Petco Park!

AFTER THE SHOW: Hang around on Trevor Hoffman Way + Imperial Ave. to watch the Monster Trucks be towed out of the stadium and over to the lot across the street. Their mechanics get right to work fixing them up and you'll have a great view to watch!

Who’s been?!?! What other tips would you add???👇