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How Kids Can Fly By Themselves as an “Unaccompanied Minor”

My 10yo is so proud of himself; and so am I! He's done something I've never done in my life. Thank you @alaskaair for making his first solo flight one to remember! 🤗

I can only speak for Alaska Airlines; which I've had a lifelong love with and always try to fly. Here's our expreience...✨✈️✨

🎟 BUY  your child's "unacompanied minor" ticket online

🎫 BOARDING PASSES are only available at the airport special guest counter

💵  “JUNIOR JETSETTER” Pay $50 for a gate agent to be assigned to your child. They'll get a special lanyard to wear for agents to identify him as unaccompanied.

✍️ SIGN the forms, DESIGNATE & PROVIDE CONTACT INFO for the adult picking up the child on the receiving end.

🚨 SECURITY PASSES will be given to the adult (+ other minor children with you) to walk-thru security to the gate. (You will not get to use the TSA line, even if you're approved for it. Because the child is the passenger, not you.)

🧳  You're REQUIRED TO WAIT with the child at the gate. And until the plane has actually taken off.

👩🏻‍✈️ The ASSIGNED GATE AGENTwill walk your child onto the plane, find their seat, help put their bags up and get them settled and buckled in. They'll be introduced to the flight attendants who will TAKE INCREDIBLE CARE OF YOUR CHILD.

🎫 The ADULT PICKING UP THE CHILD will check-in at the special assistance counter, give the child's name, etc. and they'll GET SECURITY CLEARANCE. Again, no TSA approval will be given because it's not about you.😉

🚨 That adult will GO THRU SECURITY & WAIT at the arriving gate.

🗣 ANNOUNCE YOURSELF to the gate agent and they will walk your child off of the plane and straight into your arms. 🤗


💺  For short flights, consider looking at first was only $100 more for a one-way from San Diego-Portland. He loved the extra room and the extra attention.

⏰ GET. THERE. EARLY. Especially for Alaska Airlines flights because they are ALWAYS early.

📲 TEXT YOURSELF THE FLIGHT #. For ex. "AS1297" and you can automatically click to see the flight info to make sure it's can do this with ANY flight!

(Alaska Airlines flight number starts with AS because they used to be called Alaska Star dropped in 1944, but they still use the designation "AS"...)

📜 There are OTHER RESTRICTIONS like age, flight times, locations, etc. so read the fine print and details online for your particular airline.

🧳 Try to PACK A CARRY-ON ONLY...that will be less to hassle with checking-in bags and retrieving them. #teamcarryon

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