Where to Get Your Christmas Tree in San Diego (Nov. 20222)

Where to get Christmas trees in San Diego

If you're longing for a real Christmas tree or if you're just looking for a new spot, here's your list of tree farms and lots.

Some of these are u-cut and some are pre-cut, but either way you'll get the fresh invigorating pine scent, some new family memories and you may even find more than just trees; like Santa, wine or hot cocoa... 😉

(Local nurseries and stores like Home Depot, Lowes & Wal-Mart also carry Christmas Trees.)

Before you read on, here are some tips that you should know first.

Christmas Tree tips you might want to know before you go:

  • FIRST, MEASURE THE SPACE for the tree to fit; or you could risk getting a tree that won't even fit

  • Bring your truck or SUV if you have one; but most of these places will actually deliver!

  • Bring a tarp or blanket to protect your car, and something to tie the tree down, but most of these places will net, load and tie your tree down for you

  • The U-cut places will have saws available, but you can also ask them to cut down your chosen tree for you

  • Opt for the shaking & netting even if it cost a few bucks more; ask if they don't mention it

  • Some of these places will flock your tree with "snow" if you want to get some "real" winter vibes

How to care for your fresh-cut Christmas Tree when you get it home:

  • DO NOT put your Christmas tree near a fireplace, heater vents, direct sun or any other heat sources

  • Always keep your Christmas tree water full and check it 2-3 times a day (you'll be surprises how fast your tree will drink the water!)

  • Have a broom or vacuum handy because you'll find lots of tree nettles all over the place

What should you do with your tree once Christmas is over?

  • Recycle or dispose of it properly; a couple of these places will actually remove the tree that you bought from them and even clean up your space!

  • The City of San Diego has a list of 17 drop-off locations (flyer)

  • Waste Management, your local recycling or green waste services and some local nurseries will have tree removal or recycling programs available so check their websites, newsletters or emails that should have the info you need.

  • Most of these programs are only available for a limited time, so make sure you take advantage of them before they close or you'll be stuck with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for an entire year. ;)




Mission Hills Nursery: delivery available, pre-order

Walter Anderson Nursery: not sure if they have Christmas Trees?

Armstrong Garden Centers: delivery and in-store pick up available




🎄 Pre-cut tree lot. 🚗 Delivery avail.


🎄 Pre-cut tree lot. 🚗 Delivery avail.

MR. JINGLES CHRISTMAS TREES (Belmont Park, Clairemont/PB, La Jolla, Bankers Hill)

🎄 Pre-cut tree lot. 🚗 Delivery avail. 💻 Order online, in-house stand set-up, removal & clean up! (Perfect for grandparents 👵🏻 or those with mobility impairments.)

TOM'S ADVENTURES CHRISTMAS TREES (San Marcos, Vista, Chula Vista, Mira Mesa)

🎄 Pre-cut tree lot. 🚗 Delivery avail, in-house stand set-up and trimming to fit inside your house.

PINERY CHRISTMAS TREE STATIONS (Bonita, Mission Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Bernardo, Murrieta)

🎄 Pre-cut tree lot. 🚗 Delivery avail. Flocking & fireproofing avail. $5 off coupon linked.

PURDY TREE FARMS (Del Mar, Carlsbad)

🎄 Pre-cut tree lot. 🚗 Delivery avail.


🎄 Pre-cut tree lot


🎄⚔️ U-CUT Tree Farm! and pre-cut trees. 🚗 Delivery avail. 🐶 Dogs welcome.