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iFly Indoor Skydiving For Kids - Know Before You Go

iFly Indoor Skydiving for Kids in San Diego

photo: of @famdiego taken by iFly

The most thrilling gift of all...indoor skydiving!! Experience gifts are the best because they'll always remember that moment. 🚀 @iflyus at @iflysandiego

iFly has some great holiday offers going on now that are perfect for last minute gifts and easy gifts to give and to wrap! Buy online and email the gift voucher to yourself to print out or send directly to friends & family. 🎁

psst...KIDS ages 3+ can do this too! My kids have done this a few times already and they even have a regular package so they can go more often. This helps to get their "need for speed" out in a safe place! 😜


  • Everyone has to attend a brief 10 minute training session right before your flight. These are fun and where you learn some basic hand signals.

  • Everyone has a professional instructor that goes in every time during your flight. They'll hold onto you (there are handle straps on your flight suits!) but will also let you "free fly" when they feel you can safely do this for a few seconds on your own.

  • You can fly up to the top "high flights" with your instructor.

  • Get photos/videos downloaded after your flight at home from your computer.


📍Mission Valley & Oceanside


🚀 4 flights shared by 2 people for $160

includes 2 high flights, valid 7 days/wk

usage begins 1/2/23

🚀 4 flights shared by 2 people for $130

does not include high flights, excludes Saturdays

usage begins 1/2/23

🚀 2 flights for 1 person for $80

does not include high flights, weekdays only

usage begins 1/2/23

🚀 10 flights for up to 5 people for $390


"Advanced wind tunnel technology provides guests with clean air while flying by recirculating and refreshing the air from outside the iFLY facilities. Tested and proven, iFLY’s wind tunnels create an environment at least 10x fresher than the average store or gym when flying guests."

Have you or your kids done indoor (or outdoor!) skydiving before?! What questions do you have?👇

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