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6 Industries To Find A Job During The Coronavirus Outbreak

[photo: Unsplash Dai KE]

Even though half of the world is telecommuting right now, lots of companies are still hiring. So don’t stop your job search just because you think nobody is in the office. My husband has been on several video interviewing panels working from home this week for his own company that’s hiring. If you need a quick job to help tide you over until who knows when this lock down will lift, there are several places to look.


Yes, it may put you at risk of getting COVID-19 but healthcare systems need workers more than anyone right now for several reasons. The current healthcare workers are working round the clock in certain places and even if you’re not degreed or certified, there are still support jobs that are needed right now…phone operators, lab couriers, patient care assistants, maybe even a 6’ away monitor to keep everyone separated. There are some short term training programs if you are looking to switch fields rather soon that only take a few months to complete and by then there will be lots of healthcare tech, medical coding and transcription jobs needed. There are probably lots of other healthcare related jobs that I missed, so if you’re interested check and see what’s available.


If you go beyond the clinics and hospitals, there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies scrambling right now to find vaccines, treatments and cures for COVID-19. I’m sure they might need some extra help in their research departments, managing clinical trials, media/PR, as well as their ongoing sales force team.


Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers right now to help fulfill orders and deliveries. I’m sure UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash, Shipt & Instacart are in a frenzy right now making all kinds of deliveries around the clock. If you have a car and some time available, get in on this game and help people with their basic needs right now.


Yes I know that lots of them have closed or remain open only for take out orders. But, those places still need cooks, baristas and someone to take phone-in orders and deliveries or work the drive-throughs. There may be some workers who are sick either with COVID-19 symptoms or for something else, maybe they’re caring for someone who has COVID-19 symptoms and they may be self-isolating at home for 14 days.


With everyone working from home right now, I’ll bet that most of those newfound telecommuters don’t know how to set up their video conferencing or have other “technical issues” and don’t know how to fix them. Their own companies' tech support probably won’t be able to go over to their house and reboot their systems. Sooo, if you have the technical expertise to help telecommuters I’d suggest setting up your own in-home service tech support business.


Yes, again, I’m aware that most have reduced hours right now but I did see a BIG advertisement that our local Ralph’s grocery store is hiring. Apparently the need more people to help “shop” for online and phone-in orders and make local grocery deliveries.


With every school closed, kids are home and working parents are trying to homeschool in between conference calls, it's overwhelming for most families right now. I have no doubt they will pay good money for someone to come over for a couple of hours each day to tutor their kids and help with homeschooling assignments.


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