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Simple Candy Free Classroom Valentine's Day Gifts

Buying 25 gifts for a classroom Valentine's Day party can be daunting! It doesn't have to be because I've found a bunch of really cute, but LOW COST! and EASY gifts that you can buy in BULK. This brings the individual costs waaaay down so you can come up with something a little more creative than Target card sets with pencils or stickers. Aaand your kids can give something a little more meaningful and personal based on interests from their heart.

I've included some cute sayings, jokes, quotes and tongue twisters that will add a little spark to your gift. You could write it onto a simple tag, tie it on and you're all done! This part doesn't have to be a fancy "printable" or anything...you could literally just cut out some construction paper squares and write a cute saying onto it, poke a hole at the top to tie it together with a little twine. But writing out 25 cute little sayings will take a few minutes, so you could also type these cute sayings on the computer and copy/paste it 25 times in a Word doc and hit print. Cut those out, poke a little hole to tie them on with some twine, thread or old ribbon. Easy and done!

I have all of these cute Classroom Gift Ideas saved into my Amazon Storefront: "Class Gifts"

You'll find even more Valentine's Day Gift Ideas saved in my Amazon Seasonal Storefront: "Seasonal: Valentine's Day"

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*I did note the individual cost per person below, but prices are subject to change.


Plantable Flower Seed Cards (25 hearts for $14 = $0.56 ea)

Flower Seed Bombs SW Region (50 balls for $17.50 = $0.35 ea)

Flower Seed Packets (25 packets for $20 = $0.80 ea)

Our Friendship is Blooming!

Why couldn't the scientist plant any flowers? He hadn't botany.

Why do flowers always drive so fast? They put the petal to the metal.
What do you call flowers who are best friends? Buds.
How do two flowers greet each other? Hey bud, how’s it growing?

How much does a flower like their friends? Bunches

What do you call a grandpa flower? Poppy.

What's a flower's favorite vegetable? Cauliflower


Mini Animal Building Blocks (12 animals for $18 = $1.50 ea)

We Really Click!

What has four wheels and eats LEGOs? The vacuum cleaner.

How do you ask a LEGO® ninja to leave? Say, “Ninjago!”

Snap Building Blocks Rescue Vehicles (set of 12 for $20 = $1.67 ea)

You're My Hero!

Snap Building Blocks Construction Vehicles (set of 12 for $16 = $1.33 ea)

I Dig You!

Snap Building Blocks Dinosaurs (set of 12 for $11 = $1.09 ea)

You're Dino-Mite!


Wikki Stix Packs (12 packs for $10.70 = $0.89 ea)

I'm Stuck On You Friend!

I'm Wild About You!

What is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing? Its shadow!


Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters (set of 6 for $5.08 = $0.85 ea)

Cookie Cutters (101 pieces for $7.99 sale = $0.08 ea)

You're One Smart Cookie!

We're Cut Out to be Friends!

Why couldn’t the Cookie Monster make his bed? He couldn’t find a cookie sheet!

Tongue Twister! Say this 5 times fast: Mix a box of mixed biscuits with a boxed biscuit mixer.

Tongue Twister! Say this 5 times fast: Cooks cook cupcakes quickly.