Parent's Guide to the San Diego County Fair: KIDS RIDE GUIDE!

OK, I'll get right to all the details that (I think) parents want to know. Here's an outline that I'll be updating over the next few days...

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There are over 60 RIDES! How do you know which ones your kids can go on? Or for littles, how do you know which ones YOU can ride with them? How about if you have multiple kids? I *think* I’ve got it all figured out. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But here’s my Guide to Ride at the Fair!

1st: COST!

Tickets are $0.75 each

These are valid for Rides AND Games

*Most* rides & games cost 3-4 tickets each. To get an idea of how many rides your kids can go on, scroll all the way down to the bottom with the RIDE'll find all the rides, how many tickets they cost & height minimums.

This is probably the most expensive part of the Fair for us…my kids want to keep riding and riding and riding! There are so many rides this year and with 2 kids at approx. 4 tickets per person per ride…well let’s just say it adds up!

TIP: I have to set a limit with my kids BEFORE we go to the Kids Zone and STICK TO IT. Yes, there will be tears because they’l be sad even though they knew ahead of time. But they’ll get over it when you move onto the next thing.


You can download the FunPass ticket app on your phone to buy ride tickets. It unfortunately doesn’t give you ride information or anything else. Once you buy ride tickets through the app, you can use your phone to scan at each ride and it will digitally keep track of your tickets.

TIP: Make sure you have a FULL battery! You don't want to lose your power halfway through your kids ride time if you're using the app...and not it doesn't work in Airplane mode if you're trying to save your battery, like I was. We barely made it through all of our rides before my phone died.

It does not offer any ride deals on the app, tickets still cost $0.75 no matter how many you bundle together, they all come out to $0.75 each.

But it’s helpful for keeping track of tickets and buying more when you want them (if you don't stick to the plan, LOL) instead of finding a ticket booth and waiting in line.

You can also share these ride credits with other people, who also have the app downloaded and registered on their phone. You can all share the same credits and track how many have been used and see what's left. So if your older kids are in the ride zone by themself, and you're not, they can still text you when they want more ride credits and you can buy it and it adds onto their app if they're all linked up.

You can also get a RIDE CARD FUNPASS at any ride ticket booth and it's the same thing just in a car format. You can also add a Ride Card to your phone app by scanning it.

*This does not have the Unlimited Ride Wristband or the FastPass on it, see below.


VALID: Wed & Thur only from 12-8pm

COST: $38

DEAL: $32 w/ a $5 off coupon from 7-Eleven (w/ an Aquafina purchase)

GOOD FOR: all rides in the Fun Zone and Kids Zone, except 5 "Thrill" rides

RESTRICTIONS: It’s not valid on the 5 “Thrill” rides…Pony Rides, Bungee Jump, Sling Shot, Turbo Jump & Rock Climbing Wall…because payment is made directly to these separate operators.

RESTRICTIONS: valid only on Wednesdays & Thursdays from Noon-8pm

This is the way to go if you plan on riding more than 12 rides per person. The Unlimited Ride wrist band equals out to 50 tickets or approx. 12 rides. But it’s only a good deal if you plan to go on Wed or Thur...


COST: $20

WHAT: Yes this is similar to Disneyland. If you buy a FastPass you can use the special FastPass lanes to get to the front of the line FASTer.


They only issue a limited number per day

It’s only sold at the Fair ticket booths

It’s only valid on the day of purchase

This is per person and no sharing is allowed


To save money, these can be a good deal. Buy a Combo Package that includes your Admission AND Rides all at once. Buy these online at, except for the package from Costco you’ll have to buy directly from the store.