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Parent's Guide to the San Diego County Fair

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The 2019 San Diego County Fair: OZ-some! The Wizard of Oz theme runs rampant throughout the Fair, including a yellow brick road that you can skip down! I even found Dorothy's ruby slippers in The Garden. ;)

The Fair is back! And it's bigger than ever. It probably seems twice a big to my kids who are half my size, so it may be overwhelming for some of them. Or even for some of us. That's what this guide is for, to help you and your kids make the most of your day at the Fair.

There really is a LOT of information and TIPS that I've gathered. Most of this information comes straight from the Fair's website: and some from my own and others' experiences. I've pulled out all the stuff that I think relates to kids and parents and put it all together in one place.

What I left out that you can find on the Fair's website, things that I didn't think pertained to kids...concerts, beer & wine guides, and lots of other events to be honest because there is literally so much going on at the Fair that I can't possibly include them all here. So to be sure you don't miss a thing, go to the Fair's website and be prepared to spend at least an hour looking at everything.

To help scale this down for you, go to the "calendar" and click on the date that you plan to go. That way you'll only see what is happening on that particular date so you don't waste any time (like I have, ha!) looking at fun events only to realize they're not even happening when you plan to be there.


I can't be everywhere all the time so your input is greatly appreciated. If you have any updates to this place or post please send me a message or a DM here.

If you like a place that I've suggested please share it and tag me on Instagram @famdiego 🤗 I always LOVE to see everyone getting out to enjoy all the fun in our wonderful city and making special memories together with your kids. 💕 I put a lot of time and work into all that I share and it truly helps me if you can spread the word to others. That will keep partnerships coming in so I can share new updates, host fun giveaways and help you discover fun new places. Thank you so much. 💛


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