A Few of Our Favorite Things

Over the past 5+ years of being a mom, I've come across some really amazing products that I've used every single day! And some that I regret buying. But I'll share with you our amazing finds that has made my #momlife so much easier! Know that I'm only sharing these products because I rreeaallyy L-O-V-E them! And I'm sure you will too!

Some of these links are affillate links through Amazon. But know that I don't share anything that I don't personally LOVE. I'm not being paid to promote or advertise by anyone else other than a very small compensation if you decide to make a purchase through my links.

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My boys are WILD and we've used this first aid kit numerous times when we're out and about. I used an old Sonia Kashuk make-up bag from Target that I got for maybe $12; it's the perfect design and SIZE for my diaper bag. The size of mine is 8" L x 4.5" H x 3" W. It fits perfectly into a pocket inside my diaper bag.

It's essential to have at least 2 separated sections for keeping it somewhat organized and the CLEAR zippered pockets so you can find exactly what you're looking for in an emergency. ;)

Scroll to the bottom of this section to see WHAT'S INSIDE MY DIAPER BAG FIRST AID KIT.

Here's mine:

Sonia Kashuk, dual sided make-up bag

From Target a few years ago, approx. $12

Size: 8" L x 4.5" H x 3" W

Here's mine by Sonia Kashuk from Target. It's a few years old and they don't make this design anymore that I could find. They do make a similar one that's slightly bigger - see below; or scroll down for other options.

I spent so much time trying to find this similar style and SIZE of makeup bag that would fit into your diaper bag too, and I did find one that cost $60!, but I kept looking. I've linked a few below that are most similar in size and style to mine. I promise I looked far and wide and for some reason this design AND size is really hard to come by!

Sonia Kashuk Always Organized Cosmetic Bag

Target, $19

size: 10" L x 7" H x 1.5" W

This is the same brand and similar design to mine, but this one is slightly larger and taller so it might not fit into a diaper pocket as well. This one also has a middle organized section for make-up brushes, maybe you can find another use for it or take it out if it's removable.

Savvy Dual Sided Clear Makeup Bag

Amazon, $25

Size: 7" L x 5" H x 2" W

This is the one that's most similar to mine in size and style, but the most expensive option I found. See below for a couple of cheaper ones.

Rough Enough ESO Fancy Clear Toiletry Bag

Amazon, $15 (10% off right now so it'd be $13.50, as of 1/25/19)

Size: 8" L x 5" H x 2.4" W

This size is almost exactly the same size as mine. It has 2 different zippered compartments to keep things organized and it's clear so it's easy to find exactly what you need in a pinch!