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Smoked Salmon is the New Avocado

When avocado toast just won’t do, smoked salmon toast is in! Get yours at The Forum, a new coffee shop that recently opened in Clairemont...conveniently next to Gymboree. ;) I was excited for my Home Depot run this morning because that means I can stop by The Forum across the street for my usual. Although I'm tempted every time to try something else based on their delicious balsamic strawberry reduction, coffee mascarpone cheese or coconut cream. Of course they have the usual trends nowadays like nitro, cold brew, matcha, salted caramel and rose petals.

But I'm a Code Red kind of gal with a Rule 34. Yeah, they speak tech but their menus are translated in the descriptions. For example, an "Iced Avatar" is a home made horchata topped with a shot of matcha. Or the "Reboot" is a honey cinnamon latte and the "Dark Web" is a cold brew with chocolate and mint.

I will warn you that this is NOT a kid-friendly place. They do like kids there, but the ambiance is very much geared for people with laptops, not lap tots. In fact it’s so quiet in there that two girlfriends catching up were whispering as they leaned over their plates, so they wouldn't disrupt everyone who was working on said laptops.

Every time I've been in there, every single seat is taken. And there is a lot of seating in there. The first time I took my kids because of their "Small Bites" toast: peanut butter, bananas and almonds OR Nutella, strawberries and pumpkin seeds (both are amazing!). Anyway, we had to sit on the steps outside because it was too full and my kids probably would have crashed everyone's train of thought.

This would be a great day-date spot to meet up with your other half or to meet some girlfriends. But you may want to bring your laptops so you'll fit in and IM each other from across the table. Now whenever I go to The Forum, I make sure the kids aren't with me and I get my usual to go. Totally worth it!



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