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Pie for Lunch

My Pie Guy! Yep, he’s definitely mine. Who says you can’t have pie for lunch?! Last weekend Pop Pie, Co. @poppiecosdteamed up with Birney Elementary School @alicebirney across the street to use produce grown by the kids to make pies & lemonade. All of the proceeds went back to Birney’s garden and art programs for the kids!

Needless to say they love kids here! Because what kid doesn't like pie?! It's not set up to accommodate kids very well because it would be difficult to maneuver more than 1 stroller in there and the chairs and table are tall countertop height. There are some lower seating options at the windows and outside if they're not taken. But when there's pie involved, we always make it work.

We finished our Birney Pie and Panang Curry Pie off with an Apple Crumble and everyone went home to take a nap! Even though this charity pie weekend is over, you can still grab some pretty good pies any ol' day.


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