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Kid-Friendly Farmers Market

Brightening up your Monday with these beautiful flowers from the La Jolla Farmer’s Market! Every Sunday from 9am-1:30pm.

This is our favorite market because they have 2 huge playgrounds for the kiddos to run around. Of course this is only after we stuff ourselves with all the good food and drinks we can find! Like FRESH made pretzels (OMG), mango lemonade and made to order French crepes.

This market is different than all the others because ALL proceeds benefit the public La Jolla Elementary School, where the market is held every week. It started in 1998 by a LJES mom to help raise money for a library and a librarian; which the school did not have. Since then the market has grown and the kids get the benefits!

Click here for a full list of Farmers Markets all over San Diego County.

Here are some tips to help make your Farmers Market visit more enjoyable:

BRING CASH (specifically small bills): Most vendors accept debit/credit cards, but cash is always preferred, easier and quicker at farmers markets. (And more appreciated because cards take a small percentage from their small business profits ;)

BRING REUSABLE BAGS OR BASKETS: To carry all of your fresh produce and goods home in. Some like canvas totes, large woven baskets, backpacks if you'll be walking far or a little trolley cart with wheels if you buy anything too heavy to carry.

We love using mesh produce bags (like these organic cotton mesh bags) to keep our food separate and it helps to keep our totes cleaner. We also bring these to the grocery store to avoid extra waste of using their plastic bags.

CROWDS: There are a decent amount of people there. Some will stop in front of you to browse and look around, but don't roll your eyes, just stop and find something new to look at. In other words, slow down, take your time, don't be in a rush and just enjoy the sights, the smells and the sounds around you. It's easy like a Sunday Morning baby.

LEARN: You can find out some amazing things if you strike up a conversation with the vendors. They will be happy you're taking an interest and would love to tell you all about where their product comes from, how it's made or grown and how they got started selling it. The produce vendors might even have a new way to prepare the food that you haven't tried before.

STROLLERS: Yes, it is stroller friendly

DOGS: No dogs are allowed inside the market. But someone started a dog watching service located at the main entrance. San Diego County Dept. of Environmental Health does not allow us to permit dogs where food is for sale.

WHERE: At the corner of Girard Ave. and Genter St.

PARKING: It does get crowded later in the morning, so get there early for good parking.

-You can park all along Girard Ave.

-Near the cross street of Genter St. you can find lots of street parking, keep in mind you may have to walk a few blocks.

-If you park near the school’s main entrance on Marine St., there is a walkway just to the side of the school that will take you out to Girard Ave. and into the market

-There’s also a public parking lot on Genter St. between “The Seville” and “In the Village” apartment buildings


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