7 Less-Crowded Places for Kids

Who’s trying to avoid the flu this season??? It’s getting so bad that I’m almost scared to take my kids anywhere “germy”! But, I still need to get them out of the house so they can run off all of their energy. So that means pretty much anywhere outside, where hopefully not a lot of kids will congregate, and maybe a place with a little bit of nature to get some fresh air.

We're usually out and about weekday mornings and find these places to be less crowded than your typical San Diego Kids Hot Spots like the Zoo or indoor play areas. (The exception to this is on weekends, school breaks or summertime.) What's better than a non-crowded place for kids to run around? Most of these are FREE! Some have a "free" day of the month, but avoid those days because they're usually crowded. Just pay the admission and avoid the extra germs and crowds if you can...at least until this horrible flu season is over.

Here are a few places around town where you’ll likely catch us during the next few weeks; which is the peak of flu season. Disclaimer: I’m not saying you can’t catch the flu here, so don’t rely on these places to completely avoid it. ;) And just a friendly reminder to wash, wash, wash your hands, all. the. time; especially before eating. Now get outside and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery with your kiddos!

Japanese Friendship Gardens, Balboa Park (pictured above)

We love coming here to see these beautiful gardens and get some fresh air in the middle of the city. My kids love to see the koi fish swimming and most of all they love to jump across the rocks in the middle of the streams to get to the other side. You can walk around and over the steams too if you have a stroller, but it’s way more fun to jump the rocks.