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Parade Viewing Tips for Families

What kid doesn't like a parade?! But, what about the parents? They're the ones who put all the effort into making it a fun experience for everyone. It takes a lot of effort to pack up and get out of the house with kids to go anywhere, let alone a parade. Here are some tips to help make your efforts payoff for everyone to have a good time, including you! 👇

Plan ahead!

Check out the parade route ahead of time. Most parade routes are available online. That's your key to find out where the parade travels and to look for the most accessible spot where you think there will be fewer people...aaand park close by. This will save you time and frustration from driving all over looking for the best spot. Sometimes that's not possible though, so bring your patience.

Get there early.

You'll want lots of extra time to find parking and a good viewing spot. You don't want to be looking for a parking spot as the parade marches right by you.

What to bring?


-Seat cushions



-Sunscreen (yes even in the winter, ask your derm ;)

-Water, drinks or hot chocolate

-Food, kids need their snacks or nobody will have a good time ;)

Most importantly for the kids:

-Snacks & Toys!


-Sidewalk chalk


-Silly putty

-Pipe cleaners


-Play games like 20 Questions, I Spy, ABC games, or Simon Says

-Kid's Digital* Cameras are a great way to keep them busy! Let the them take their own pictures of what interests them from the parade.

-You can always bring out the iPad or let them play on your phone when all else fails

Happy Parading!!


[*Affiliate Links: I do earn a small commission if you link to and purchase a product. It's not much really. Basically it keeps the site going and there may be enough leftover for a short latte once a month.]

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