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What's OPEN & Closed in San Diego - as of 12/6/20 Stay At Home Orders

TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT on Sunday 12/6/20 is when the new “stay at home” orders for California go into effect. 😔 Zoos, aquariums, playgrounds (later allowed to remain open as of 12/9/20!) and more will all be CLOSED TOMORROW 12/7 for at least 3 weeks. Dec. 28th will be the next reassessment date to determine if things can reopen again or remain closed…

If we can all put the greater good of our friends and family and small businesses and local economy ahead of our personal wants to gather this year, I’m HOPEFUL this will be the LAST of the lockdowns. 🤞🤞 Please consider canceling any family or friends holiday gatherings this year. #itsnotworthit 🙏 🙏 Let’s do this TOGETHER and we’ll get through it sooner and healthier. 🕊 💛 💚 ❤️ ✌️

Here’s a list of what will be CLOSING effective at midnight:👇

indoor & outdoor playgrounds (reversed 12/9/20 - see below)

indoor recreational facilities

hair salons & barbershops

personal care services

museums, zoos & aquariums

movie theaters

wineries, bars, breweries & distilleries

family entertainment centers

cardamoms & satellite wagering

limited services

live audience sports

amusement parks

Here’s a list of what will REMAIN OPEN:👇

OutdoorVenuesListed As An "Outdoor Recreational Facility"

-->This Includes:

-Most city & count parks will remain open

-Playgrounds will REMAIN OPEN (this was allowed on 12/9/20)

-Most Botanical Gardens are listed as an outdoor recreational facility:

-San Diego Botanical Gardens

-Water Conservation Garden

-Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

-Balboa Park (museums are closed, but it's fun to just walk around)

-Seaport Village (some shops are open at 20% cap, fun to walk around here)

-Liberty Station (restaurants, public market and some shops are open at 20% cap, fu to walk around here)

-HIKING: some State & National Parks for socially distanced hiking (most or all campgrounds are closed)

-BIKING: there are lots of bike paths available most have flat paved pathways around the many reservoirs, bayside or river trails

What Else Remains Open:

retail stores at 20% capacity

schools with a waiver

“critical infrastructure” sectors

restaurants offering takeout & delivery

hotels for “critical infrastructure support only”

gyms offering outdoor recreation

childcare services with restrictions

churches limited to outdoor services

non-urgent medical & dental care with restrictions

Regions will be allowed to exit the order and return to previous reopening restrictions on Dec. 28th if ICU capacity projections for the following month are above or equal to 15%.

There is still HOPE & LIGHT in this darkness and we can all PREVAIL TOGETHER! 🕊 🌟


I can't be everywhere all the time so your input is greatly appreciated. If you have any updates to this place or post please send me a message or a DM here.

If you like a place that I've suggested please share it and tag me on Instagram @famdiego. 🤗 I always LOVE to see everyone getting out to enjoy all the fun in our wonderful city and making special memories together with your kids. 💕 I put a lot of time and work into all that I share and it truly helps me if you can spread the word to others. That will keep partnerships coming in so I can share new updates, host fun giveaways and help you discover fun new places. Thank you so much. 💛


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