Where & How To Get Your Covid Vaccine in San Diego

With the supply shortages and priority lists, it's been difficult to figure out where exactly to get your Covid vaccine. I spent 2 hours recently trying to figure out how to get an appointment for my husband. Once I found out who was giving them, trying to get an appointment was even trickier. It's like a big game that depends on the roll of the dice! So I turned to my faithful followers on my Instagram @famdiego who clued me in about these amazing resources and tips that will make getting yours a piece of cake! Which you should rightly treat yourself to afterward. :)

Read on for:

  • TIPS to get an appointment


  • WHERE to get your vaccines

  • GROUPS that will find appointments for you

  • things that are GOOD TO KNOW (like covid reaction under arm lumps! and which arm to get the injection in)

Don't take any of this as medical advice

I'm only sharing helpful information I've come across for you to do your own research and ask your own doctors about. I hope this information is helpful for you. Feel free to share it with your friends and family who may also want to know.


Be Flexible

Don't get set on having yours at a specific location. He wanted his done at Balboa Park for the significance because it's one of our favorite places, but they were always booked up and he didn't want to keep waiting.

Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late

Most vaccine appointments are released at midnight or shorty thereafter. My husband set his alarm, woke up after midnight and found a lot of appointment options and locations wide open. There were some appointments available during the day, even for that same day!, but they were further away if you don't mind a little drive.

Go Out Of Your Neighborhood

You may end up only finding an appointment further away, so be open to driving a little bit if you want that time slot. My husband found appointments in Vista, Fallbrook, Temecula, Ramona, Palm Desert and El Centro. He could've booked those sooner, but he found one closer when he woke up at midnight to make an appointment.

Refresh Your Screen Often

Some locations release appointment times throughout the day, so keep your screen open and click the refresh button throughout the day to see what opens up.

Ask For Help

There are a few groups of kind hearted people that do all of this searching for you. Reach out to connect with these groups noted below and they will find you an appointment.


This seems to be the easiest place to get an appointment. You can find a random appointment during the day, but options open up when they release their schedules after midnight. Try entering a random city to see what pops up. For example, if I entered Poway some appointments opened up in Del Mar; and if i entered Vista some appointments opened up in Mira Mesa. I'm not sure why, but play around with other cities and see what that opens up. Also, CVS doesn't verify your eligibility in person when you check in because they rely on the information you enter online to be accurate. My husband had a letter from his doctor, and they didn't ask or need to see this when he checked in. They want to get as many vaccines out as possible. He said it was a very easy non-stressful check in and a quick process.

Hospital Employee Friends & Families

Some hospitals are giving their employees a special code(s) each week to give to their friends and family to use. If you have a friend or family member who works at a hospital, give them a call or send a quick text to ask them about it.