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Bike Ride to the Salt Mines

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Bike Ride to the South Bay Salt Mines

Cooking Tip: a little salt goes a long way! 🧂 👌 😜 You can find this mountain of sea salt in Chula Vista near the Bayshore Bikeway trail. 🚴🏻‍♂️

Park in front of Trident Coffee ☕️ ; it’s a known bike staging area since there’s a bike path entrance nearby. 👌 And obviously fuel up with the best cold brew I’ve ever had! and grab a keto-paleo donut when you’re done. 🍩 It's only 1.5 miles away, or a 15 minute bike ride with kids.

As you enter the Bayshore Bike trail, turn right (north) ➡️ and you’ll ride over some fun bridges with cool views of the salt ponds. When the trail ends, continue on the back roads over to the South Bay Salt Works; which began operations in the 1860’s! 😲 You can see salt on the conveyer belt going all the way up to the packing house. You’ll probably see a semi hauling away bags of salt. 🚛 🧂🧂🧂

South Bay Salt Works harvests sea salt that’s evaporated from the ocean water and collected in the salt ponds nearby. 👉 This is a stopping point for 94 different breeds of wild & endangered migratory birds. The salt rich ponds breed brine flies & brine shrimp 🦐 that birds love to eat. 😋 During the winter you might be able to catch a monthly tour out into the salt ponds to observe migratory birding. 🦅 🕊 🦜

Ride back to where you started and instead of turning right, go straight ahead and you’ll find some easy dirt trails along the Otay River. You’ll also find Sellers-Keever Park (memorial for 2 young boys) with rocks to climb and viewing telescopes for bird watching. 🔭 🦅 🕊 🦜

You can also just drive here and park right in front for a super quick stop.

South Bay Salt Works

1470 Bay Blvd., Chula Vista, 91911

(no website)

If you're biking over to see it, park in front of:

Trident Coffee

536 13th St., Imperial Beach, 91932




More photos below from our bike ride to South Bay Salt Works:

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