FREE Hot Chocolate for Kids on Rainy Days

February 22, 2018


True to their word..."Free Hot Chocolate for Kids on Rainy Days”! And yes today counted, even though it only rained for about 10 minutes. Thank you In-N-Out, you made my kids very happy today! And I see rain is forecasted for tomorrow and next week plan ahead! 


In-N-Out used to sell Hot Chocolate regularly in the 50's and 60's, but somewhere along the way it fell off their menu. They recently brought it back in January 2018 and now you can buy Hot Chocolate year-round for around $1.60+ (depending on location).


It is made with Ghirardelli chocolate powder + water and you can ask for freeze dried marshmallows; which were actually pretty good. Ours was a tad sweet, so I added a bit of water to it before giving it to my kids. 


If your kids can wait until a rainy day, you can get this chocolatey goodness for FREE! That's right, In-N-Out offers FREE Hot Chocolate for Kids on Rainy Days!! John from customer service said your kid has to be with you and that no other purchase is required. But come on, grab a burger or fries anyways as long as you're there. 


I know the photo above doesn't have rain clouds in it, but it did rain that day for about 10 minutes. You can see evidence from the puddles next to the truck. lol.




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