Cover Up! Where to Get Kids Face Masks in San Diego

Where to find face masks seems to be what most people are looking for nowadays. I’ve pulled resources and recommendations together from my Instagram followers and put them all in the list below. Most of them are here in San Diego so shop local if you can. Below are some considerations when deciding which mask to buy. Scroll further down for where to shop.

A quick note about face masks...they will not protect you from outside airborne particles entering through your face mask. They are only intended to help prevent YOU from infecting OTHERS. When you wear a face mask, you're preventing your own airborne particles from spreading to others. So if everyone wears a face mask, the general risk of viruses spreading are lowered. Even if you are young and healthy, you may be an asymptomatic carrier and not know it while spreading the virus to others if you don't wear one.

The current orders state that you must have a face mask with you at all times when you leave your house. You only need to put it on when you are within 6' of someone not from your household or when you're inside or near a place of business to help prevent your airborne particles from landing on nearby surfaces that others may touch.


AGE: Current local San Diego orders calls for kids 3 years old and up to wear a face mask when coming within 6' of someone from outside of their household when out in public.

DO NOT put a face mask on a child 2 years old or under. When using face masks for younger kids 3+ please use adult supervision at ALL TIMES to ensure their proper use and make sure it does not slip around their neck.