What Grocery Stores Have Pick-Up and Delivery in San Diego

Whether you don't have time go grocery shopping, if you've got the kids with you and don't want to bring them along or maybe you stepped on a LEGO and sprained your ankle so you don't want to hobble down the grocery aisles...(yes, that happened to me)...here are some ways to get your groceries without having to actually step foot inside the stores.

Below you'll find out exactly which local San Diego grocery stores offer curbside pick-up or delivery and which third-party delivery providers they use.

If you keep scrolling you'll find a list of all the third-party delivery providers and which stores they provide services for.

Keep scrolling to find out which restaurant delivery providers are available in San Diego so you can order restaurant take-out and have it delivered right to you.

At the bottom, I added in some tips and tricks to using these services and what to expect.

I've broken this information and details all down for you so hopefully it's easy to follow and hopefully it's helpful. Good luck!


Most grocery stores now offer a pick up option when you order them online. When you complete your order you'll choose the date and time window when you want to pick them up. Sometimes this can be the same day, next day or up to a few days out. They have designated parking spaces to pull in when you arrive. Just call them when you park, they'll get your order, bring it out and even load it into the back of the car for you. You don't even have to get out of your car.

How to order: Order online directly from the store's website.


Most grocery stores offer a home delivery option and often use a 3rd party for the ordering and delivering. Go to your chosen store's website and there should be a delivery option that you can set up from there, or it will redirect you to the 3rd party delivery service they use. You can also go to any grocery delivery service's app or website to choose your store and items for delivery. You don't necessarily need to be home at the time of delivery because they'll leave it on your doorstep, but you should plan to be on your way home soon thereafter to bring your food inside. You can track the driver's car through their app to see how close they are to your home.

How to order: Depending on the store, you can try going to the store's website and choosing the delivery option, or you can go straight to the delivery service website or app and choose which store you'd like to order from.


Sometimes you can get a same day pick up or delivery time, but you can also schedule it a few days out.

updated: During the viral outbreak these time slots are usually booked up a few days out, but there are some tricks that may help you find a time slot for the same or next day.

- I've been told they release new time slots at midnight so if you fill up your online cart beforehand, wait until midnight or shortly after to check out then you might have better options. Others have had luck waking up early in the morning to find a time slot for the same or next day.

- You'll likely be able to get your groceries sooner if you choose to pick them up at the store vs. having them delivered.

- You'll save money by choosing store pick up because there's usually a delivery fee. Sometimes a delivery fee will be waived if you purchase over a certain amount or for first time customers.

- Some delivery services have an "express" or "instant" service that you'll have to pay extra for and lots of people have had luck getting same or next day deliveries with these. I personally tried this and it didn't work for me.


Grocery Store Options for Pick up and Delivery

Grocery Delivery Services

Restaurant Delivery Services

Miscellaneous Errands and Assistance Services

Tips for Ordering Groceries During the Coronavirus


These are the grocery stores that offer pick up and deliveries. In parenthesis is the 3rd party delivery service they use. Scroll down further for more details on them.

*Information and costs could change or vary after this posting or based on your location and items ordered.


pick up outside, "in-store" pick up and delivery (Shipt)

note: They have 2 "pick-up" options; which is a bit confusing, see below for an explanation.

Option 1: If you select "Free Order Pickup" that means you can park outside in their designated parking stalls, notify them via the app you are ready and they'll bring it out.

*(Chilled foods and produce are not available via this option, but you can use this for pantry and shelf items.)

Option 2: If you select "In Stores (free order pickup and store only items)" this means you have to walk INSIDE to their IN-STORE pick up point. I made this mistake once when I wondered why nobody was coming out to the parking stall with my order...because I inadvertently chose the "In-Store Pick Up".

*(You can pick up chilled foods and produce via this option, as well as other pantry and shelf items.)